Infrastructure is the backbone of any business and good infrastructure is often the difference between a good service and a bad one. That is the reason why, every year, we invest a significant percentage of what we earn into upgrading our infrastructure. We have a very broad view of what infrastructure means and ensure that we invest in every aspect of it.

IT & Technology

We have our own secure FTP to ensure the highest level of data security. We have also always invested heavily in state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Tools that increase efficiency, save you time and cost and make it possible for us to process a variety of file formats.

We continue to spend on our proprietary Project Management and ERP software that helps us help manage and track projects, schedule resources and organize our work seamlessly. We are a techno-savvy company and are crazy about all the new gizmos on the market. All translators are very demanding when it comes to a PC with the latest configuration and genuine software and the newest hardware. Proofing and formatting tools and other utilities help us organize our work and serve you better. We also have an excellent data backup system, effective anti-virus software.


We translate documents in diverse domains such as technical, engineering, scientific, IT, legal, medical, commercial, financial and many more. Reference material, knowledge resources and dictionaries are extremely vital tool. BITS Europe has access to a collection of over 300 field-specific dictionaries, glossaries, style guides and grammar books. We are constantly updating our materials so that our work remains accurate and relevant.