Hello! My name is Claudia and I represent BITS Europe. I am responsible for overseeing our projects, liaising with clients and sourcing new business. In short, if you need anything, I am likely to be both your starting and your end point, as well as your contact for anything in between.
Languages have always played a central role in my life. I grew up in Belgium and France, receiving a bilingual education in English and French. I also studied German, Spanish and Latin. I went on to complete a BA Joint Honours in Modern Languages in the United Kingdom. I spent a year studying at an Interpreting and Translation school in Italy where I became fluent in Italian and picked up some Italian Sign Language along the way.

After working in management for a couple of years, I moved to Spain where I became fluent in Spanish. I spent my time there as an interpreter and translator for the Press Office of an NGO. It was then that I decided that I loved languages too much not to make them my permanent career. This led me to complete a Masters in Translation and Interpreting back in the UK. During this time, I had the privilege of being selected as a bilingual English/French interpreter for the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) annual conference held at the United Nations headquarters in Switzerland. I also began to carry out pro-bono translation work for various NGOs in my spare time.

After completing my MA, I began my career as a freelance interpreter and translator. I work with organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the UK Ministry of Justice. I also remain committed to GIMUN. I am an active member of the Public Relations Department as their French to English translator.

As we move forwards, I look forward to meeting many of you. At BITS Europe, we like to put a name to a face when we can. We believe that our clients are more than just a company logo or a black and white business card. And we are more than the completed projects we will send over in an email. We are always open to meeting our clients when possible because face to face time is invaluable when building a strong partnership.

But until we meet in person, I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you!


Claudia Bragman
Head of Operations