Our Philosophy

We love languages! But at BITS Europe, we know that they may not be everyone’s strongest suit and that is why we are here. We understand that everyone has different strengths, whether you are the CEO of a large multinational or just beginning your career. Let us optimise your time by allowing you to excel at what you do best whilst we take care of your language needs. At BITS Europe, we take pride in building strong relationships with our clients. This allows us to tailor our services to your needs and maximise your strengths.

BITS Europe has pioneered the language industry using innovative methods. Over time, we have observed how the IT and automobile industries have successfully countered the pressure to reduce costs by outsourcing their manufacturing to countries with low production costs. For this reason, we work closely with a parent company in India and outsource all of our non-language work to the relevant departments. Please see the diagram below to understand how our international workflow operates:

As you can see from the diagram, a considerable amount of back-office work is carried out at our parent company in India. This includes file analysis, quotation productions, project management, translator selection, technical checks and formatting. In India, the company has access to software and resources at a much lower cost than in Europe. This means that we can offer fair and competitive rates without compromising on quality and accuracy.

To ensure quality and accuracy, we only use native speaker translators who live in their native countries. Translators should always work into their native tongue, over which they have the best fluency and command. At BITS Europe, we take this idea one step further and endeavor to always work with translators who live where their native tongue is spoken. This allows our translators to be exposed to the latest and most relevant terminology in their fields. Such policies mean that we will always provide you with the most accurate and specific language.